UFO Hotel

Destination hotel and theme park.


With the vision to create and build a unique, one-of-a-kind destination hotel, shopping, and dining experience in a remote but well-traveled geography, a differentiating awareness initiative with several elements of audience creation and touch was required. An additional desired outcome was to create a community of investors to share this vision and enable the vision to become a reality.


With a such a unique destination concept, we believed a “above and beyond” theme was required to truly create and communicate a transformative “experience” to multiple audiences. This challenged our creative thinking and traditional approach to:

  • Develop a one of a kind online experience that resonates the intent of the destinations’ experience.
  • Design and develop all the branding, creative, experiential website, social, and the Omni-Channel strategy.
  • Develop the strategy, and create a custom storyline and supporting concept videos that can be leveraged across desired audiences.
  • Create National Press coverage that appeals to the masses.
  • Develop a crowdfunding campaign to attract and engage supporters.


To date, we have:

    • Delivered compelling and sticky online presence that has resulted in significant engagement with a multitude of audiences.
    • The portfolio of YouTube videos has achieved significant traction with 1,000’s of views.
    • Massive Press coverage has been achieved, including features on CBS, NBC, MSNBC, AOL Tech, CNN, LA Times and many more outlets including 100’s of articles; Our reach has surpassed 50M+ people and growing.
    • Dominant presence on Google and other leading search engines.
    • Further investor influence was achieved through a social media explosion.

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