Our role was to create the branding, website, social media, video and pitch deck for presenting the new innovation in a compelling way to interested parties.


Vehicle mounted Bike and Sports gear racks have numerous issues and do not provide the type of utility that consumers are looking for in a convenient and portable solution. Most racks do not fit conveniently in a car trunk or in a home garage. Putting on and taking off bikes and sports gear can also be cumbersome and time consuming.


  • Unstable and Car Gets Scratched
  • Difficult to Set Up
  • Blocks Trunk Opening
  • Unable to Lock and Secure Items
  • Limited to Carrying Bikes


  • Heavy and Cumbersome
  • Average Weight of Rack: 45lbs
  • Weight of Hitch: Another 20lbs
  • Large and Difficult to Store
  • Usually Left on Vehicle
  • Primarily for Trucks and SUV


  • Difficult to Load and Unload Cargo
  • Mostly Used by Serious Bikers
  • Difficult to Remove Rack
  • Usually Need to Remove Front Wheel of Bike

Solution: The SportBar

The SportBar has been designed to fit in the most compact space possible. The individual bars can be separated and fit into a telescopic design, saving space when storing in the SportBar Carrying Case. The bars interlock together to make one solid unit and can fit in any trunk, drawer, or even a backpack!

  • Lightweight at 5.5lbs (39″ Long) compared to the average rack weight of 35 lbs (25-55lbs).
  • Telescopic, compact design helps fit into one small-sized carrying cases.
  • Carries up to 300lbs of cargo.
  • Secured with auto-engaging mechanisms between the bars
  • Lockable key connections adds security.
  • Easy and simple to engage and disengage. Can be engaged by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Unlimited types of cargo can be engaged with the system.


The SportBar brand was launched and successfully shared at key industry conferences.

  • The branding and marketing materials we developed were widely praised for their design, quality and effectiveness in telling the Sport Bar story.
  • Multiple bike and sport rack manufacturers have significant interest.
  • Licensing discussions are underway.
  • There are prospects for small car auto manufacturers to consider vehicle solutions which may include integrating the product into future vehicles.