Health and Fitness Company

Largest health and fitness company, Americas


Finding themselves in a situation with underperforming membership campaigns due to an inability to adequately profile and target potential new members, the realization was they had limited:

  • In-house resources to understand and manage the challenge,
  • New market data capabilities, and
  • Accessibility to untapped markets to improve membership acquisition across multiple US locations.


Based on analysis and establishing a set of criteria, we:

  • Created new member profiles for targeting,
  • Selected specific geographic markets with relevant data sets,
  • Developed compelling new membership offering(s), and
  • Performed a 3x deployment with A/B message testing and, continuous message and distribution refinement.


To date, the following have been obtained:

  • Ability to significantly outperform national comps in every deployment (198% over National Average based on clicks),
  • Completely new prospect insights for future deployments,
  • Delivery of a substantial list of highly qualified leads to each location, and
  • Given success rate, lead cost diminished by 70%.

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