An essential component for any explorer, outdoorsman, and adventurer. Tested and proven to withstand extreme force and conditions, Braeön is as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.


The Ignite Agency, a Conservaco portfolio company, was presented with a brand new, raw, never before seen plastic ribbon-like material. It needed a name, brand identity, and most importantly, buzz about the product to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter to launch the production process.


To bring this material to life, it needed a name and story. After much thought, brainstorming, and storyboarding, the team came up with Braeön: The World’s Strongest and Most Adaptable Material.

Pronounced like the English word “Brawn” meaning physical strength, Braeön comes from the ancient Norse word “bræða” meaning things that are bonded together. The concept for a Norse name comes from mythology where “Gleipnir” was created to bind the mighty wolf, Fenrir. The Gods commissioned the dwarves to create a chain that was impossible to break. According to the mythology, Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon and stronger than any iron chain. From there, we ran with the idea throughout the website and Kickstarter campaign.

Braeön comes in ribbon form and can be molded and bonded in a matter of seconds. Simply heat, press, and cool to create a strong bond.

  • Strong as steel – We mean that literally. A single ribbon of Braeön boasts a tensile strength of over 2,000lbs
  • Lightweight materials – Braeön is made from incredibly durable, lightweight materials, giving it a wide range of flexibility. 100ft of Braeön weighs less than 1 pound.
  • Compact design – Braeön is available in a convenient tin, making it easy to carry. Throw Braeön in your backpack before an adventure or store in a toolbox for future use.
  • Malleable and Adaptable – Braeön’s molecules decouple, allowing you to mold, shape, and form into any desired shape. When cooling, the molecules recouple to create a high strength bond at the molecular level!
  • Moisture resistant – Braeön’s base materials do not pick up any moisture and will remain waterproof.
  • Paintable once set – The chemical composition of Braeön creates a surface that can be painted to match any desired color.
  • Excellent in cold weather – Due to the nature of Braeön’s polymers, the bonds between molecules and layers gets stronger as the temperature drops.


The Braeön brand was launched and successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

  • $74,981 dollars raised at 499% over the funding goal.
  • 1,839 backers contributed to the campaign, including worldwide engagement from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand, and France.
  • 31,105+ Kickstarter Campaign project video plays.