7 Steps to Raise Funds Through Crowdfunding

CrowdFundingPays.com™ is a new way to fund your hopes and dreams. We create a place where you will find everything you can imagine, including: music, films, theater, comics, games, art, design, technology, nonprofits, small businesses and so much more.

We offer a simple process to present your vision and discuss how others can help you achieve your dreams. The secret of success is explained in the 7 steps discussed below.

1.   Involve the team: Getting a team involved and having individual roles and responsibilities not only spreads the load, it also increases the reach of the project exponentially and makes crowdfunding more organized.

2.  The Marketing Plan: Success comes from planning. Plan the campaign; plan the message; plan the market.  Identify your crowd and work out the best way to communicate with them.

3.  Testing and Feedback: You might like your message, but it might not resonate with other people.  To find out, a campaign owner may test their pitch and material in their project video through emails and tweets. This approach enables them to work out what subject lines receive the most positive ratings, and which content drives the most clicks.

All this ensures that the campaign owner conveys the right messages to the right people, offers appropriate rewards, and that the team gets the highest number of people opening and clicking on every email.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

DR Seuss

4.  Warming up the crowd: By talking and communicating with all those who expressed interest in backing the campaign, the team can make sure they are engaged, excited and ready to pledge funds at launch. Tell your crowd what day and what time your project goes live. You want your crowd to be pledging funds as soon as you launch and excited enough at the launch to publicize and keep publicizing on your behalf.

5.  How to reach your target: With your campaign offered through Crowdfundingpays.com™, you receive funding with the greatest advantage when you meet or exceed your target; so being realistic is very important towards achieving success. 

Identify your targeted backers and calculate how much each backer is going to contribute, always making sure that this total exceeds your target.

  • You Must Have – Support From Family, Friends and Associates
  • You Must Start Promoting Ahead of Your Campaign Launch
  • You Must Have Daily Activity on Your Campaign
  • You Must Provide Frequent Updates
  1. Line up your first few pledges: Finding the first backer of your project is often the most difficult task, so arranging a few backers to get behind you to validate your crowdfunding pitch is the initial step.
  1. GET FUNDED: Successful fundraising is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you are funded, the real project work starts, and you are taking another important step toward realizing your hopes and dreams.