New Web Design Trends

IgniteCFP creates contemporary websites that employ the latest trends in design, layout, photography, and call to action functionality. We specialize in custom responsive WordPress themes that function well on desktop and mobile devices.

We have an eye for great web design. It’s a blend of subtle and direct that provides people with the WOW moment when they see the difference between their existing website and our new design.

Website’s come in all sizes and shapes with constantly changing attributes in the endless search for improved customer engagement. We follow these trends and look to implement the very best ideas in the development landscape for our clients.

“Intuitive design is how we give our user new superpowers.”

Mark Thimmig

We look for meaningful and memorable imagery to create the feeling we want to convey to visitors. When we connect, the next steps to information sharing and ultimately purchase move along a lot quicker.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Make it simple to find information
  • Make it even easier to become a customer

Too often times, price is the big concern. While having competitive market pricing is important, educating prospects so they become willing customers is far more important. Placing information on your website that helps to educate prospective customers, lowers sales resistance and provides more opportunity for profitability, additional sales, and referrals.